J is for…

Jumping (or lack thereof )

So, some 13 months or so ago my darling daughter finally made her appearance into our little world.

Now we all inherit things from our parents, such is life, and our daughter is no different. Within days of being born she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia – inherited from momma bear.

So within a couple of weeks she’d been fitted for a pavlik harness. Which meant for the first 6 weeks or so her hips were set in place. If I’m honest, she looked like a frog – and still reverts to this default position when she sleeps. So gradually we weaned her out of this velcro contraption until she was free.

Now it’s a year down the line. We are having appointments every 4 months and all is rosy it would seem. Until we get onto the matter of the rest of her life.
No trampolines. No or little time on bouncy castles. And such activities. Anything that places too much pressure on her hips could cause all this progress to evaporate.
This has also caused a slight delay in her ability to walk. Much as she’s getting there, and crawls round like a tazmanian devil. She’s just that little bit behind her peers.

But does she look bothered?



Dad. Out

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