G is for…

Gender: Girl

As a prospective parent, I’ve always wanted a little boy. A mini me. A lump that I can mould. Make them like football, video games and Batman.
Having a girl baby was never really part of my plan.

I don’t know what they want. I can converse with boys. I can play with them. I’ve not had a great deal of experience with the female children.

But having this one has forced my hand. I know I’m going to have to dress up. I’m going to have toput on make up. Drink tea when there is no liquid present. And I’ll probably have to watch frozen. Alot.

That sort of stuff doesn’t scare me. Not an ounce. I’m an overgrownchild most days. So give me the choice of being a grown up or messing about with pink paint and glitter, and there’s no contest.

The scary thing for me is the future. Teenage years. Boys. Problems. Boys. Homework. Boys.

I know I’m going to be overprotective but I can’t help it. Love does that to you.

Know where can I put down a deposit
on a shotgun?

Daddy. Don't be silly. I'll never want a boyfriend

Dad. Out

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