F is for…


It seems so simple. Almost primal. People have been having having children for a little while now. But fatherhood is almost a science. A science made up of gut instinct and winging it.

If you think it’s going to work. Try it. It might. If you’ve seen it on tv and it worked try it. My gut instinct over the last time 10 months has become a finely honed 6th sense.

I have to say I’m enjoying it. I was told to enjoy it. They grow up so quick. All those sorts of clichés but it’s true. Even looking back on pictures from a month ago it’s hard to remember that this lumpy ball of smiles was once quite small.

Being a father is the best career that I’ve fallen into. It’s probably because I’m still a child. Just one who can have a glass of wine and reach things that are high up.


Dad. Out

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