E is for…

Easy evening eating.

From working full time, I come home and really enjoy spending time with my daughter, even if it’s just a few minutes. But in the evenings, I also enjoy eating. Always have. It’s kind of a thing.

But since she has been old enough to eat solids. Any food I have gets watched from plate to mouth. Much like a dog does. Watching like a hawk with pleading, open eyes. We inevitably end up sharing food with our tiny little dustbin.

Despite the early days, when she would turn her nose up at anything that wasn’t mango. She will now eat anything. As teething progresses, anything will go in the mouth.


I adore the look on her face when I’ve passed her some of my food. She treats it like a treat. So excitable.

So every night I manage to throw a meal down me. Because if I don’t eat fast. I’ll eat half my meal and end up eating her rusks.

Dad. Out

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