D is for…

Daytime Daddying.

Now on occasion, when I have chance I like to take a few days off work for a break. I work hard, and want to be able to enjoy these early days with darling daughter, as more often than not, the weekend isn’t long enough.

There appears to be some sort of cultural problem with this. Be it on a Saturday or during the week for me to take the baby out on my own. Society seems to frown on it. Why?

Is this traditional? For dads to not be as involved? As a modern man, well man child, I’m very much involved. Have been from day 1. Wouldn’t change it.
But if I step out the house with the buggy on my own, I get odd looks from people. What exactly is the issue with being a hands on Dad who is chatting utter rubbish to his 9 month old daughter?
I’m not a Saturday dad. I’m a dad. This job comes with no manual, job description or danger pay.
Maybe it’s my perception. Maybe it isn’t.  But there definitely seems to be a certain section of society who want to look down at their nose at me for what I’m doing. Yeah? Go on then.
Because my life started the day she was born and we have some great fun together.


Yeah pretty sure I'm doing it all wrong.

Dad. Out

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