C is for…


As a new parent, crying children fill me with dread.
“What do you want from me crying tiny human?” This was a constant in my early days as a dad. But then you get to notice those tiny nuances between needs.
This is all well and good in theory. Yep, that cry : food. That one : pain. Fine.

Then we meet my daughter. He arrived without a manual. And she loves a cry. And a laugh, don’t get me wrong.

My main concern with the crying issue is night time. It’s dark. I’m tired. I’m disorientated. And my tiny human is having night terrors. Uncontrollable crying. No amount of cuddles soothe this.
Enter: Mickey Mouse. He is my saviour. Within seconds. Calm. Like a hypnotic rodent. I love him.

Now the real tears only come out when she won’t give in and sleep. But daddy solves that. Special cuddles soothe tears.

Dad. Out

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